Day: February 15, 2024

Smartproxy Introduces 3-Day Free Trial for Residential Proxies

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London, UK, 14th February 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Smartproxy, a best-value provider of innovative proxy and web scraping solutions, has unveiled a 3-day free trial option. With it, new users can test the provider’s residential proxies, and all features risk-free. Previously, Smartproxy introduced a free trial for its scraper line. Since then, the provider has continued to offer premium services at affordable prices. The recent introduction of the 3-day free trial reinforces its commitment to providing high-value deals to users, allowing them to explore the full range of functionalities of residential proxies before purchasing. Smartproxy residential proxies allow users to dive into a 55M+ real IP pool in 195+ locations, including cities and US states. It provides HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support, ...

Syntara to start Phase 2 study targeting MDS

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–News Direct– Syntara Ltd (ASX:SNT) CEO Gary Phillips joins Proactives Jonathan Jackson to share insights on the company's expansion of its lead drug, SNT-5505, into new medical indications, including a promising Phase 2 study targeting myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Phillips highlighted the significance of SNT-5505 in addressing MDS, a complex condition, underscoring the drug's potential impact on patient care. The company is collaborating with several partners in a strategic move that fosters local partnerships to advance the research. From a commercial standpoint, this development represents a pivotal advancement for Syntara, as it embarks on its fourth concurrent Phase 2 study, balancing the demands of cash flow and timelines effectively. Looking ahead, Phillips hinte...

Poseidon Nickel identifies new targets at Windarra

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–News Direct– Poseidon Nickel Ltd (ASX:POS) CEO Craig Jones sits down with Proactives Jonathan Jackson to discuss the identification of two new highly prospective nickel sulphide targets at WIndarra Project that bring the total to six so far. POS is particularly interested in these new targets, as they are overlayed by prospective geology and supported by field mapping data as well as surface geochemistry. Jones also discusses the value of the collaborations in the region, which is helping it advance several quality greenfields nickel and lithium targets at Lake Johnston and how these collaborations have re-rated its nickel potential. Finally, Jones speaks about the work going on at Lake Johnston. "In regards to Windarra," Jones said, "its important to note that th...

Lithium Universe aims to close lithium conversion capacity gap in North America

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–News Direct– Lithium Universe Ltd (ASX:LU7) CEO Alex Hanly joins Proactives Jonathan Jackson to discuss the company's approach to addressing the lithium conversion capacity gap in North America. Hanley speaks about its progress with metallurgical testing and the development of a lithium refinery in Quebec. He explains the strategic importance of this project, highlighting the company's ability to process spodumene from various sources, which is essential for adapting to market changes. Hanly also gives his perspective on the current state of the lithium market and the future prospects for Lithium Universe within it. Finally, Hanley gives an update on the company's progress in finalising feasibility studies for its projects. Chairman Iggy Tan expressed his satisfac...

Huntex Bot: The Futures Trading Revolution – Now on Telegram

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    Trading has never been this easy before With the emergence of Huntex Bot, the world of futures trading is evolving. This innovative trading bot, compatible with Telegram, offers traders of all skill levels convenience, profitability, reliability, and accessibility within the user-friendly Telegram interface. Benefits : Huntex Bot is fully integrated with Telegram, allowing you to trade, manage your portfolio, and track results within the app. Traders can quickly respond to market changes, receive notifications, and execute trades easily. The user-friendly interface makes it accessible even for beginners. Huntex offers a clear commission system where you only pay for profitable trades at a low commission rate of 0.4%, one of the lowest in the market. Withdrawals are fast and efficient...

Todd Barrow Emerges as a Standout Country Artist with New Album Release Titled “American Made”

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Summary: Todd Barrow Emerges as a Standout Country Artist with New Album Release Titled “American Made”                   Authentic outlaw country is back thanks to the multifaceted musician Todd Barrow Texas-based singer-songwriter and rising star Todd Barrow continues to captivate audiences with his undeniable talent and versatility. Garnering attention from various music media outlets, as well as securing roles in television and film, Barrow’s ascent in the entertainment industry shows no signs of slowing down. Now, he delights his growing fan base with the announcement of his latest album, “American Made,” poised to be his most compelling work to date. Early reviews of “American Made” suggest that Barrow has once again raised the bar for himself, delivering a collect...