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Brian Miller

Brian Miller is a well-known writer. He married an American Journalist. He writes his best stories. He went to Oxford University. He also knew throughout the world as the writer of the article. He wrote 6 books over the course of his career. Now he works news writer on News View 360.

Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson is the most well-known writer. She wrote a number of books in her 2 years of career. She lives in America. Now she is working as a news writer on News View 360.

Joe Whitaker

Joe Whitaker is a writer for covering Health, Education, Sports, and Business. He is interested in the public sector. He wrote a book of poetry, articles, and essay. He has published her 5 books over the course of his career. Now He works as a news writer on News View 360.

Simon Forrest

Simon Forrest is an author for News View 360. He earned his English degree at the University of South Florida. Simon is a brilliant author, he is writing some books of poetry, article, Essay.

Natalia Grey

Natalia Grey is a content manager and editor at She is a computer engineer and website content developer who helps in news development and editing. Previously, Natalia worked as a full-time freelancer for various news websites. She graduated with honors from California University with a dual degree in computer engineering and Creative Writing.