Day: January 9, 2024

The 56th California International Antiquarian Book Fair returns to San Francisco February 9-11, 2024

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–News Direct– The 56th CA International Antiquarian Book Fair is making its in-person return to San Francisco next month. The fair, sponsored by the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (ABAA), takes place February 9-11, 2024, at Pier 27 (cruise ship terminal). Widely recognized as one of the world's largest exhibitions of antiquarian books for sale, more than 100 exhibitors from around the world will present rare books, maps, illustrations, historical documents, and ephemera on a vast array of subjects and genres. The fair boasts offerings in every conceivable genre including the first-ever catalog on the history of artificial intelligence (AI) from Novato book dealer and ABAA member Jeremy Norman. Part of this timely collection is an extremely rare, first edition pamph...

HBO Unveils Next-Gen Cinematic Vision: HBO Emerges as the Vanguard of the New Age in Film and Media

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–News Direct– New York, USA, Jan. 9th, 2024 (500NewsWire) — In a groundbreaking move towards redefining the landscape of global entertainment, HBO proudly unveils its Next-Gen Cinematic Vision. As a trailblazer in the world of film and media, HBO remains dedicated to fostering international art and innovation, setting new standards for global storytelling. With an unwavering commitment to breaking down traditional industry boundaries, HBO is ushering in an era of open, transparent, and fair film and television creation, benefitting both creators and audiences alike. At the heart of HBO's Next-Gen Cinematic Vision lies a dedication to promoting international art and innovation. Recognizing the diverse and dynamic global landscape, HBO is committed to providing a platform that ce...

Veno Finance Launches First ETH Native Liquid Staking Protocol on zkSync

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–News Direct– Veno Finance, Cronos leading liquid staking protocol, announced its launch on the zkSync Era Layer-2 blockchain scaling solution. With its launch, users on zkSync Era can now stake their ETH tokens directly and receive Liquid ETH (LETH) tokens that open the door to new possibilities for yield farming in its decentralized finance ecosystem. The Veno protocol enables zkSync users to support the Ethereum network in a simplified way. It works by bridging ETH tokens between the zkSync Era and Ethereum mainnet, automating the process of staking and withdrawing ETH on behalf of users. When zkSync Era users stake ETH natively, they'll receive an equivalent amount of LETH tokens they can use to earn additional yield on its DeFi protocols. To incentivize LETH liquidity prov...

NowSecure Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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–News Direct– NowSecure, recognized experts in standards-based mobile security and privacy, today announced the availability of NowSecure Platform in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Azure. NowSecure customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management. NowSecure Platform provides continuous and on-demand automated mobile app security and privacy testing for iOS and Android mobile applications for mobile DevSecOps and Agile teams developing in any mobile language or framework. Purpose-built for mobile teams, NowSecure all-in-one solution runs a battery of 600 tests using static, dynamic, interactive, and API Security testing for the deepest and broadest... Extends Invitation to Trading Enthusiasts in South Africa to Try Out Its Highly Secure Trading Platform

Cloud PRWire extends invitation to South Africans to try out its secure trading platform, which offers a highly protected trading environment. With options like Forex, Indices, IPOs, and more, the platform ensures easy, reliable access to traders. South Africa – Jan 09, 2024 – Online trading software platforms have revolutionized the financial landscape, empowering traders with tools that ensure accuracy and error-free transactions. These platforms offer real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and intuitive interfaces, allowing traders to make informed decisions swiftly. stands as one of the best forex brokers in South Africa. It warmly welcomes South African traders to explore its secure and robust trading platform. Offering a diverse range of financial instruments,...

Yoroflow Disrupts Email Marketing Landscape with the Launch of YoroConnect

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Leesburg, Virginia Jan 9, 2024 ( – Yorosis/Yoroflow, a leading force in software development, proudly introduces YoroConnect, a game-changing email marketing platform poised to transform the digital marketing landscape. With an emphasis on user-friendly design and a comprehensive suite of features, YoroConnect empowers businesses to create, deploy, and optimize their email marketing campaigns with unprecedented ease. YoroConnect’s features include an intuitive design interface with a drag-and-drop editor, enabling users to design visually stunning emails effortlessly. The platform’s smart segmentation and targeting capabilities provide businesses with the tools to deliver personalized messages to specific audience segments, fostering deeper connections with customers and...

Get the most awaited Custom water feature

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Designing and decorating the interiors of your workplace or commercial setting could be a fun yet complex task where you need to upgrade your game every time you take the challenge of bringing something new to the given space. However, there could be no better choice than to check out the options of custom water features. At Midwest Tropical, we bring to you some of the highly recommended custom water features for your commercial settings. That not only highlights the aesthetics of its owner but also gives new meaning to the existing landscape. We make sure that each time our customer is looking for something extraordinary or thinking out of the box to decorate their commercial setting, we are here with something special in store for them. However, before you place the order for the water...


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–News Direct– Las Vegas, NV, January 9th, 2024 – (Plato via 500NewsWire) — As the Super Bowl fervor grips Las Vegas, Legends Live is set to amplify this excitement with a one-of-a-kind event, Legends Live, on February 4th, 2024, at Vu Studios. This event, building up to the Super Bowl weekend, offers a unique blend of sports legends' stories and cutting-edge Metaverse streaming technology in partnership with TCG World. Legends Live presents a rare opportunity to hear from sports icons in the lead-up to one of the biggest sporting events of the year. The event will feature: – Legendary Journeys: Insightful discussions on the paths to greatness. – Triumphs and Challenges: Reliving the moments that defined careers. – Victory Stories: Captivating tales of sporting success. – Faith an...

ToolsGroup Named a Leader in the SPARK Matrix for Retail Assortment and Management Applications by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

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–News Direct– ToolsGroup, a global leader in retail and supply chain planning and optimization software, is proud to announce it has been named a technology leader in the SPARK Matrix analysis of Retail Assortment and Management Applications by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions (QKS). The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix: Retail Assortment and Management Applications, Q4, 2023 includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading Retail Assortment and Management Application (RA&MA) vendors in the form of its SPARK Matrix. It gives users strategic information to evaluate vendor capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position. This is ...

Kapture CX Forays into the US Retail Energy Sector with its AI-Powered Enterprise-SaaS CX Platform

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–News Direct– Kapture CX, a leading Enterprise-SaaS player in the CX space has expanded its international operations into the US Energy Retail sector with the launch of its highly verticalized enterprise-grade Customer Experience Automation platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). As US energy retailers grapple with intense competition and market transformation, Kapture's solution emerges as a pivotal investment for navigating changing consumer demands, economic challenges, and regulatory scrutiny. With features such as customer self-service portals, digitized interactions, AI-driven chatbots, and live agent assistance, Kapture boasts a 360-degree support automation platform that has emerged as a game-changer in enabling energy retailers to thr...