Daryll A. Triplett: The Multi-Talented Cop, Businessman and Hilarious Comedian

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Atlanta, Georgia Jan 31, 2024 ( – In a world where humor is often a rare commodity, enter Daryll A. Triplett, the man known as Officer Keep it Real. Breaking stereotypes like a comedian breaks punchlines, Daryll is not your average Joe, or should we say, not your average cop-turned-entrepreneur-turned-comedian.


Born on July 24, 1970, in Columbus, Ohio, Daryll A. Triplett had big dreams and an even bigger mustache. Graduating with a specialty in making criminals laugh from the University of Akron in 1992, he joined the Central Ohio Police Academy and Security Training to learn essential skills like Homicide Investigations and Community Policing, because hey, laughter is the best crime deterrent.

In 2000, Daryll traded the buckeye state for peaches and became a Senior Deputy Sheriff at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in Atlanta, Georgia. His dedication to justice earned him accolades and high-fives from perps who appreciated a good joke even while getting handcuffed. By 2005, he became a Major with the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, where he led the fight against crime and the war on dullness.


Not content with just policing, Daryll, at the tender age of 22, decided to try his hand at business – because why not add “business mogul” to his already impressive resume? Starting with a security business in Ohio, he went on to own towing companies, a car dealership, and Hair 911, a hairline distribution company. Rumor has it, his hairline has never been more secure.

In 2006, Daryll took the leap and founded G11 Security in Atlanta. As the CEO, he ensures security strategies are as tight as his best punchlines, safeguarding both individuals and businesses because laughter may be the best medicine, but a good security system is a close second.


While Daryll never left the badge behind, he added to his arsenal a microphone; and a whole stage. Armed with Acting and Comedy certifications from the Josh Harrison Acting School, Daryll burst onto the scene in 2014 as a show host on VH2 Networks, Inc. Reaching over 60 million subscribers on Roku, he didn’t just cover households; he covered them in laughter.

The Officer Keep It Real Show, launched in 2015, took audiences on a ride-along of laughter, sharing unique perspectives from Daryll’s 30 years in law enforcement. His comedy, described as anecdotal, heritage, and blue-collar, resonates across races and ages, much like a good dad joke.

Daryll’s comedic conquests led him to premier comedy clubs like Apache Comedy Club and The Punchline, growing his fan base across the Southeast, America, and Europe. His talent even got him featured in Ride Alone 2 alongside Kevin Hart and Ice Cube – because even Hollywood knows a good cop comedian when they see one.

Hosting the Meet The Triplett’s show, Daryll offers a sneak peek into a life with ten kids, homeschooling chaos, and multiple businesses. It’s a show so entertaining, you’ll forget it’s not your own reality TV drama.

Today, Daryll Triplett isn’t just a comedian; he’s a mustachioed maestro of mirth, proving that you can break free from stereotypes, pursue diverse passions, and make people laugh while doing it.

Q & A:

Q: What makes you think the community will support let alone trust a comedy cop?

A: Well, we don’t know because this has never been done to this level. Sure, you have had retired cops tell stories about the job, but to dive headfirst into some serious issues and talk straight about them on stage in a police uniform, has not been done before.

Q: Your comedy has profanity incorporated into most of your set, how do you feel about offending the community?

A: I believe comedy is just that, Comedy! Listen, life is profane… Maybe my comedy style is not for everyone; I get it, turn the channel. I’m not saying anything on that stage that you haven’t heard before. Now, granted maybe not from a Police Officer’s perspective standing on a stage in uniform saying it, but you’ve heard it before.

Q: A lot of attention has been focused on your YouTube shorts where you talk about race-related issues. One of the jokes you talk about is “a white cop’s wives wanting to start banging black guys,” and you have another set that’s called “You might be a (n_ _ _ a). Is that over the line?

A: No! I think that we don’t push the line enough! When did we become so weak as Americans? Americans are strong, thick-skinned, and tough… not some cowards that can be taken out by a joke! I’m giving my perspective as an actor, comedian, cop, father, brother, son, businessman, and as an American. See that’s what makes comedy, “comedy”: you must be able to have the freedom to express yourself and not care what folks think.

For interview requests, laughs, or mustache grooming tips, contact Daryll at [email protected] or visit his fortress of fun at Get ready to LOL – Lawfully Overwhelmed with Laughter!

Disclaimer: No mustaches were harmed in the making of this press release.

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