Clean Factomation is Pioneering Global Expansion and Innovation in Material Handling Solutions

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Clean Factomation, renowned in the field of material handling systems, recently announced its substantial expansion and innovative advancements globally. Established in 1937, the company has notably improved efficiency in various sectors including manufacturing, distribution, and service industries. Clean Factomation now boasts a presence in 26 countries and regions, with an impressive 65% of its sales generated from markets outside Japan.

The company is recognized for its role in transforming material handling systems into vital components of social infrastructure, offering solutions that address current societal challenges such as labor shortages and productivity constraints. Clean Factomation’s commitment to technological innovation is evident in its product range, particularly in the semiconductor and flat panel display industries. They offer advanced systems like the OHT System, Stocker System, Conveyor, N2 System, and EFEM in the semiconductor sector, and sophisticated Stocker and Conveyor systems for flat panel displays.

Clean Factomation is focused on developing logistics solutions that are not only relevant for current challenges but also pave the way for future advancements. Their goal is to create smarter, more efficient systems that contribute to societal progress.

Maintaining its core values of excellence, innovation, and dedicated service, Clean Factomation continues to grow its global presence and enhance its product offerings. The company’s evolution from its founding in 1937 to becoming a global leader today underscores its steadfast dedication to the advancement of material handling technology.

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In summary, Clean Factomation remains committed to furthering its expertise in material handling, with a significant number of installations across various industries. The company’s focus on evolving material handling systems into key components of logistics and social infrastructure, along with their dedication to addressing current social issues and future societal development, highlights their pivotal role in the industry.

About Clean Factomation

Since its inception in 1937, Clean Factomation has continuously endeavored to further its expertise in material handling with a large number of installations in the manufacturing, distribution and service industries. Currently, Clean Factomation has sales offices and production sites in 26 countries and regions, with our non-Japan sales ratio 65% of total sales.

Now, material handling systems are becoming the linchpin of logistics and have evolved into a key component of social infrastructure that addresses social issues, such as labor shortages and productivity bottlenecks. The Group will continue to develop next-generation logistics solutions that respond to such issues and support the development of society.

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