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New Guide about The Secret of Life Published for Anyone Wanting To Live Better

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This most recent how-to guide from Coaching Philosopher and Ironox Works explains how to live better and become happier by emulating those sages who manifest the secret of life, which is surprisingly simple. It claims to point the way for adults who want less stress and more ease, grace, lightness, and love in their lives.

All adults, including young adults, who want to enjoy life more are welcome to read or download the full how-to guide from this webpage:

Most humans lead unbalanced lives that are too full of unhappiness and discontent [unease, heaviness, misery, suffering]. According to the guide, both eastern and western sages have taught for thousands of years that the cure for our discontent is to establish a better balance between Becoming and Being by letting go of all useless, obstructive thoughts. Although the terms “Becoming” and “Being” need to be unpacked, that’s the secret of life, the secret of living well.

The inspiration for creating this guide was a desire to provide valuable understanding about the nature of living well that could be used effectively and efficiently to improve the quality of our lives.

The emphasis is on practice rather than theory. It uses a concrete, everyday example of waiting to contrast the difference between waiting poorly and waiting well. The former comes from getting stuck in thought and the latter comes from a kind of thought freedom.

It’s possible to realize Being in Becoming. The lives of sages demonstrate that. The way to become more lastingly happy is to emulate sages who have mastered life. The secret of life is not an impractical ideal; it’s a way to live every moment of every day.

Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D., Coaching Philosopher at Ironox Works, spoke at length about what he’s learned about wisdom in the nearly 60 years he’s been a philosopher, a lover of wisdom. “If life is worth living, it’s worth living well. It’s possible for any normal human being to live better by learning how sages live and emulating them. The secret of life turns out to be as simple as it is surprising. The way to wisdom is simply to let go of all useless thoughts, which is about 80 or 90% of them. That opens up a more direct and satisfying way of life, which is how sages live.”

Adults wanting to live better and anyone confronting serious problems is invited to interested to review the how-to guide online directly at:

More information about living better may be found at

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