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Cambridge, MA – Due to their friendly and interactive nature, gerbils make great pet rodents, perfect for children and adults seeking amusement, companionship, and activity in their spaces. Though originally from the desert, gerbils have adapted well to living as pets, meaning they seldom require additional care or specialized equipment for their health, happiness, and well-being. is an online platform and extensive resource helping individuals get the best information about gerbils and their upkeep. The authors make it easier for people who want or have gerbils but don’t know where to start.

First, the website highlights a few distinct elements that make gerbils different from other small animals, like their inquisitive nature, small size, and fun antics. Gerbils seldom display aggressive behavior and enjoy being around people without extra energy input from their owners. Additionally, since gerbils only need a few resources to remain healthy, they are ideal as first-time pets for younger kids still learning about responsibility, care, empathy, and compassion. The rodents measure about 15-23 centimeters (6-9 inches) long, including the tail with mottled yellowish-brown and white underside fur. Despite their small size, gerbils are strong and agile animals with slender bodies, specialized hind legs, large feet, and front paws for moving, jumping, digging, and pushing objects around. They communicate by producing shrieks, squeaks, buzzes, chirps, and whines.

As omnivores, gerbils eat animal and plant-based food. However, Spicyanimals advises pet owners to select food quality explicitly for gerbils, whether small grains, seeds, nuts, or a mixture that contains various food groups. Alongside commercial feeds, they can offer small amounts of fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, apples, broccoli, germinated grains, and carrots. Pet owners can also purchase occasional treats such as insects for additional protein, vitamins, and minerals if they are within the gerbil’s dietary plans. On the website, pet owners can learn about the danger of carbohydrates, unbalanced diets/nutritional deficiencies, healthy treats, the best kind of hay, hydration, and more.

While gerbils have an average lifespan of three to four years, some may live longer with proper care, whether purchased from a pet store, a rescue center, or a breeder. Unlike other rodents, gerbils aren’t prone to overeating. They are typically very healthy animals that don’t need regular vaccinations but do need daily exercise to help them remain in shape for a long time. On, pet owners can learn about gerbil health/illnesses, fun tricks/commands, breeding/genetics, comforting a dying gerbil, bonding/affection, cleaning the gerbil’s habitat, unusual pooping habits, and other healthcare guides.

Since gerbils are active, intelligent rodents, it can be challenging for pet owners to find ways of keeping them mentally stimulated and entertained. Fortunately, has many simple, safe, and affordable options like toys, DIY habitat ideas, hammocks, and cages. Pet owners can also visit the website to get answers to common questions about tooth loss, pet policies/restrictions, gerbil messes, gerbil-proofing a room, proper disposal/handling of a dead gerbil, and more. is at 1035 Cambridge St, Suite #101, Cambridge, MA, 02141, US.

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