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Child Exploitation for Profit: The Shocking Actions of Peter Kleissner and IntelligenceX

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Private Information of Minors Publicly Released

Los Angeles, CA — It is deeply disturbing that Peter Kleissner, the owner of IntelligenceX, has engaged in such unethical and illegal behavior. Not only did he knowing release the personal information of minors, including a 14-year-old boy, on his company’s website and Telegram channel with over 2,500 active users, but he also posted the boy’s parents’ information and required a payment of 2,000 euros to access it. This is a horrific violation of children’s privacy and safety.

Profit from the Sale of Stolen Data and Illegal Obtainment of Personal Information

But Kleissner’s unethical actions do not stop there. He has also been involved in the sale of stolen data and the illegal collection of personal information, including sensitive information such as social security numbers and bank account logins. The prices for this illegal data range between 2,000 and 20,000 euros, showing a clear intent to profit from these criminal actions.

Other Websites Taken Down, But Not IntelligenceX

It is worth noting that other websites that sold similar private information, such as WeLeakInfo or LeakedSource, have been taken down by government agencies. This raises the question of why IntelligenceX’s website has not been taken down as well.

Kleissner’s History of Run-Ins with the Law

Kleissner has a history of run-ins with the law. He admitted this on the TV-Total show in 2009 and even stated that he had the mind of a criminal and took pleasure in being “half criminal.” This further underscores the need for authorities to investigate and prosecute Kleissner and IntelligenceX for their unethical and illegal actions.

Parents Seek Justice Through Austrian Embassy and Court System

In response to Peter Kleissner’s unethical and illegal actions, the parents of the victims have launched campaigns to fight against his behavior. They have stated that they will be taking their case to the Austrian embassy and bringing Kleissner to court over his disgusting exploitation of children and the illegal sale of private information. It is heartening to see the parents taking a stand and seeking justice for their children, and it is essential that Kleissner is held accountable for his actions. The safety and privacy of individuals must be protected, and it is unacceptable for anyone to profit from the illegal sale of personal information. The parents of the victims are taking a stand against Kleissner’s illegal and unethical behavior, and it is important that they receive the support they need in their pursuit of justice through the Austrian embassy.

Kleissner’s Role in Illegal Crime Group’s Extortion Scheme

Peter Kleissner has been implicated in the activities of the Lapsus$ crime organization, known for extortion and other illegal activities. According to reports, Kleissner sold a 5000 euro plan to the alleged leader of the group, White, which allowed them to search through and download private and public databases containing people’s personal information. These databases even included Remote Access Trojan logs, which contain every login saved to a person’s computer. White reportedly had access to the account from April 13th to September 11th, before another member of the criminal organization changed the password on it. Kleissner’s involvement in this illegal scheme raises serious concerns about his unethical and potentially criminal behavior. It is imperative that authorities investigate and prosecute Kleissner and any individuals or organizations involved in this extortion scheme.

Holding Kleissner and IntelligenceX Accountable

It is imperative that authorities investigate and prosecute Kleissner and IntelligenceX for their unethical and illegal behavior. The safety and privacy of our children must be protected at all costs. It is unacceptable that Kleissner and his company would profit from the suffering of others. We must demand justice for the victims of Kleissner and IntelligenceX.

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